A is for August

After doing a double take of the date, I realised August is almost over!

Broad Bean Patch

Broad Bean Patch

Perhaps its such a shock since we’ve been hibernating for almost an entire winter. How did we do it? Mostly jamming on guitars, making home brew, watching conspiracy doco’s, sewing & woodworking (new gate!), and themed movie nights (you know the ol’ Japanese Samurai movie + Sukiyaki; Pulp Fiction + Kahuna Burger & $5 shake). All of a sudden, 3 months are dust!

Parsley and Coriander Patch

Parsley and Coriander Patch

Each weekend we kick up our heels and run to the garden to attack the ‘to do’ list, and lately we’ve been finding some new veg has decided they’re going to make a bolt towards the sun & evidently- onto our plates!  Meanwhile, our new herb garden is exploding with some amazing parsley & coriander but the Lemon Verbena, Sage, Mint and Marjoram have decided much like its patch owners to never grow up.

Back Veggie Patch with Dirt

Our new veggie bed has dirt!

We’ve also come a long way with our raised vegetable garden beds in recent weeks, staking the redwood sleepers into place, painting the insides with eco-creosote & the outsides with Eco Wood Oil Stain to prevent rotting, and with Bel’s dad’s help- moving some serious amounts of dirt in. Amidst the planning for our latest garden bed, we were met with a particularly malicious foe- Couch Grass, aka Bastard grass on our turf. It creeps over & under, getting into everything, its tougher than Chuck Norris’ beard.  So after abandoning our original Couch-be-gone solution of fly-kicks, a backyard screening of Dannii Minogue videos and some back-breaking weeding, we realised our attempts at removing this invasive grass were much like a Mary-Kate & Ashley tween lingerie campaign- just plain wrong. Instead, we devised a combination of methods (all organic) from the Urban Food Garden website, to avoid its return.

Weed Matting

Weed Mats over Veg Patch near the espaliered apples

Our methods included digging a trench 1.5ft deep, laying galvanized roofing iron into the trench, acting as a barrier to the garden, and also digging up the couch grass in the perimeter near the raised bed edge and sprinkling some non-invasive grass as a second barrier.
We also laid some weed-matting on our garden bed in the old chicken pen aka Cluckingham Palace in preparation for spring sowing.

Shirley scratching for worms

Shirley scratching for worms

Our chickens have been enjoying their extended run a little too much, scratching under and plotting escape since the grass is always greener metaphorically and quite literally since they’ve chain-sawed every last blade of it in their run. They’ve also helped us de-weed the back veg patch with their almighty claws and stealth scratching skills- thanks girls!

Broccoli Galore

Broccoli Goodness

Unlike our sloth-esque Broad Bean patch, our broccoli is again coming thick and fast and all at once too- our brassica patch is starting to resemble rows of Seth Rogan silhouettes. Is it a bird? a plane? Kirk Cameron? Tom Hanks? No its another Broccoli head!  Good thing we love to eat them!  Other goodies that have been popping up include: bok choy, red and green cabbages, silverbeet, onions, and radishes.

Most of our fruit trees are starting to develop lovely buds and even flowers on our espaliered Japanese Plum so with any luck we should be having a ahem.. ‘fruitful’ Summer! Looking forward to sharing our home grown goodies with our friends and family & if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by for a cup-o-tea!