Rocktoberfest in our garden!

Spring is here, and about damn time! After a long, cold, dark, boring winter, we have reached the best season of them all- Spring! As the title of this post subtly hints, our October has rocked! Lots of stuff has happened. We played a gig in our band, which was very much rocking & we had a blast!  We’ve also almost finished building our back terraced garden bed- a good learning curve for us both.  We also bricked a path up to the second terrace and the garden is now in full swing with enough lettuce to eat most nights for our salads & some good companion ground covers and bee attractors (nasturtiums, alyssums, salvias) for when our tomatoes go in.

Its been a time for firsts as well. First blossoms on our Snow Apple, first Nectarines on two of our old trees, first Peaches on two established plants we thought were infertile, first asparagus spears, first Banana Passionfruits, first time making Beetroot Relish– with our own mini- beetroot harvest, first plants to die (Bananas, Blueberries and a Fig! Noo!!). Oh yeah, and I (Bel) won first prize at the Royal Geelong Show for my Tea Cake, and second prize for my Fruit Cake (own recipe). Hooray for everything! Here’s a photo diary of stuff thats been going down in the past two months:

So, the start of November will involve planting seedlings, seeds, trees, maybe building/digging a pond, acquiring a bokashi bucket and if I can convince a certain someone- get some bees in time for the holidays! We can’t wait to have our friends and family over to check it out & help us eat our produce & rock out with us!

Hope your Rocktober was … rocking! If not, crank it to 11, grab an air guitar and kick out the jams!!