Hey Winter, Long Time No See!

After a long hiatus & busy summer/autumn harvest, we’ve started hibernating for winter, ripped out the old plants and started on the new seedlings for this upcoming season.

Lots of things have been happening but we’ve been too busy in the garden to blog about them!

Our ladies have finished moulting and gone off the lay. Thelma now has a punk-rock haircut and attitude when it comes to scuffling over bacon fat and other scraps the chickens are privy to, often fly-kicking her clucky companions in the face to show them who’s the boss. It’s certainly not Tony Danza.

We’ve been cooking with our garden goodies and also juicing them up as well with our new juicer, making green juices with fruit, kale, carrots, beetroot and nettles. We quickly learned that too many nettles makes the juice taste like grass & has to be drank like a shooter of vodka but without the courage to sing karaoke afterwards. Also, some new arrivals to our garden include a gorgeous Smyrna Quince Tree, which we can’t wait to fruit and give us some delicious fragrant fruit for preserves, 7 Rhubarb crowns (after the cheeky chickens jumped their pen and ate our previous plants to nubs), and a Kaffir Lime for adding to some delicious Thai Curries.

We also completed a Cob Pizza Oven Workshop, getting our hands dirty and making a pizza oven from clay, straw and sand. It was a lot of fun, we learned a lot and can’t wait to make our own at our place! As the days get shorter, the nights get colder and the rain pelts down harder, we are looking forward to our favourite winter snack: fresh home-grown broccoli lightly stir-fried in garlic butter with pepper and salt! In the next few weeks, we are looking forward to picking our first tamarillo’s (yes they’re fruiting already!) and getting a big haul of dirt into our back garden and planting some of the last of our fruit trees. Until next time, garden hard, rock harder!