Our Garden

When we first moved to our home, we found the amount of space quite overwhelming.

Our garden the day we moved in

Our garden the day we moved in- gorgeous flowers, many over grown trees, and ivy!

The back garden had been going wild for a few years (ivy!) and some areas were inaccessible due to overgrown shrubs and nettles. Once we cut these back, we discovered many surprises in our ‘secret garden’ including 2 nectarine trees, two apples and pears! Win!

Hacking back the jungle
Hacking back the jungle


Since, we have hacked most of this garden back, pulled out the ivy-covered dead stumps, shiny-leaf trees and oleanders, chopped away most of the flowers, and discovered an old vegie patch/ kitchen garden and attempted to restore it to its former glory by planting it up with some summer vegies.

Little Cluckers

Along the way we have found many new residents including Orb Spiders-  Barry and Bernard, and a weird crab-shaped spiny orb spider I named Bowser (think Mario Bros) .  Also we have acquired four lovely ex-battery hens Thelma & Louise, Laverne & Shirley, who have added much fun, whimsy and fertilizer to our garden.

We will be posting our updates on our gardening design, practices, harvests and the outcomes, as well as our projects and inspirations along the way.


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