Fruit Trees!

In our digs, we have decided to rip out some gnarly old trees and replace them with fruit and nut trees, shrubs, berry canes and vines, so that in a few years time we can have our own backyard greengrocers! Since we live in Geelong, Victoria- the climate is classed as ‘Temperate’ although it gets pretty darn cold and frosty some nights, so we’re guessing some trees may need protection in winter.  According to the Diggers website climate map, we are in Heat Zone: 4 and Cold Zone: 10!
Fruit Tree Tally: We now have 38 Fruit Trees, 6 fruit-bearing shrubs, 8 vines, 14 berry canes, 10 strawberry plants and a partridge in the pear tree!
Gradually, we have been acquiring bits & pieces and currently are growing the following:
Fruit Trees 
Apple – Gravenstein (unsure of variety??) & Granny Smith (Existing & Espaliered); Pomme de Neige (aka Lady Snow Apple)
Apricot – Moorpark/Trevatt Multigraft
Avocado – Bacon x 2
Cherry – Stella/Van/Bing Multigraft
Fig – Black Genoa
Feijoa – Duffy x 2
Lemon – Eureka & Meyer
Lime – Tahitian x 2, Columbian Sweet & Kaffir Lime
Mandarin – Imperial Dwarf
Mulberry – White & Black (planted in the same hole to dwarf their size) 
Nectarines x 2  (Existing)
Olive – Manzanillo
Orange – Washington Navel Dwarf
Peach –  Anzac/Elberta Multigraft & 3 established but unsure of variety)
Pear – Williams (Huge Existing), Packhams/Josephine Multigraft
Persimmon- Fuyu
Plum – Japanese Blood Satsuma, Satsuma/Mariposa Multigraft
Quince – Smyrna
Tamarillo x 4 – Red
Tangelo – Minneola
Fruiting Shrubs
Brazillian Cherry
Guava – Chilean (Ugni Molinae)
Guava – Hawaiian
Pepino x 3
Grape – Sultana & Ribier
Kiwifruit – 4 female, 1 male (lucky kiwi!)
Passionfruit – Black Grafted and Non-Grafted x 2; Banana (chopped right back & possibly will remove as it’s invasive!)
Berries/ Berry Canes
Boysenberry x 3
Currant – Red (2)
Gooseberry- Farmers Glory (red) & Captivator (green)
Loganberry – Thornless
Raspberry- Willamette (8) & Everbearing (2)
Strawberry- Tioga and Selva (10), Nelly Kelly (2)
It’s not all rosy though. We’ve also had some plants who have been quite rude and decided to die on us (the bastards!), due to harsh frosts & cold winds (can you say ‘glasshouse’??), and maybe too much fertilizer love or not enough watering, including these dead dudes: 
Banana – Cold-fruiting variety: 2 Dwarf Red Dacca; 1 Cavendish : frost bitten wusses
Black Sapote : too cold for this dude
Cumquat -:Marumi : Pecked to death and scratched up by the chickens
Mandarin: Ellendale – not enough water in our front sandy soil
White Sapote x 2 : too cold / a diseased plant from Cornucopia & also Diggers
Grapefruit – Sweet Duncan: Maybe not enough water? or a bad graft from Cornucopia
Persimmon Fuyu: Possibly not enough water and was also scratched up by the chickens a few times quite badly
Bilberry x 2: possibly over-watered or a bad graft from Diggers
Loquats: Not enough water in the sandy front garden
Fig – Black Genoa : a bad graft & diseased plant from Diggers, which they replaced
Blueberry- Brigitta (2), Northland & Denise (2) : Possibly not enough water or attention in summer
Our wish list for the future (when we find a place for them) includes:
Cherimoya (Cold-tolerant custard apple)
Finger Lime (Aussie native)
Multi-graft Gage Plums (mmm Green Gage!)
Sour Cherry (yummy Morello’s!)
Hopefully in future, we’ll have a lot more added to our fruit tree list, at least until we’re running out of space, or fruit-eating friends & family!
As we grow our little space, we are slowly adding annual flowers and perennial herbs like Rosemary & a Bay Tree & would like to eventually include more permaculture aspects to our garden like: bees & beehives, native bird nesting, bat & beneficial insect boxes, a pond to attract frogs, dragonflies, birds and bees, a perennial veg garden, a glasshouse (ooh to grow mangoes & banana’s), more water tanks and maybe one day a composting loo! 

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