Vegie patch from scratch

Our second major project in the garden was to rid the garden bed beside our garage from the horrible Agapanthus, overgrown Geraniums, poisonous Oleanders, and myriad of weeds that dominated the patch.

The 'during' photo (forgot to take a before)

We set to work digging the plants up, only to find that our predecessors LOVED concrete and for some reason had laid a very ‘rustic’ garden bed edge using this medium. Luckily while clearing out the ‘secret garden’ we found a few garden goodies to help us on our way.

The 'After' Shot

Sometimes it felt as though we were collecting coins in Mario Bros 3: First round, opened the garage to find an old axe and rake. As we cleared one stage of garden- we found a shovel, the next section- uncovered a soil sieve, espaliered apple trees, and unearthed a DIY compost bin; kept going to the final section (Boss fight with redback spider)- rewarded with the prize of a Crowbar, wielded by a red-headed princess! Win!

So we used this crowbar to make light, but aggressive work of the concrete bed, dug out all the old plants except a gorgeous nectarine tree, and begun preparing the new bed.

Things we accomplished included:

  • Removing existing plants and some trees
  • Extending the entire depth of the bed by 1/2 metre
  • Added approximately 15 large bags of chicken and pony manure
  • Planted a Snow Apple, Ugni (Chilean Guava), Hawaiian Guava, White Sapote, Passionfruit (Banana and Panama), Pepino and a Rosemary shrub
  • Sowed the remaining area with African Marigolds, Sweet Corn, Red Pak Choi, 4 varieties of non-hearting Lettuce, Rhubarb, Spinach, Beans, Nasturtium, pumpkin (grown from seed), and also advanced broccoli we bought at Bunnings.

Here are some more pics of our latest vegie patch:


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