Quince Jam

During Autumn, I noticed driving down High St Belmont a Quince Tree full of gorgeous ripe fruit, and some of it rotting on the ground- what a terrible shame! But it got me dreaming of quince paste thinking about quinces and how the heck you use them?! So after scoring some free Quinces, I embarked on a mission to use them up in the form of Quince Jam! Just so I don’t forget, I’ve posted the recipe here.

Quinces – how ever many you can fit in a pot,
1/2 litre of water for each kg of Quinces
500-600 grams white sugar
3 lemons, halved and juice added to water
Cover quinces & lemon- peel and all- with water and boil until soft
Remove quinces from pot, then cut out the core & return to pot.
Add a stick of cinnamon or some cardamom pods if you want to spice up the flavour.
Add sugar and heat to a rolling boil until transparent.
Ladle into warm sterilised jars (heated in oven with lids off for 10mins at 120°C).
Seal jars immediately & allow to cool. Share with family and friends or spread on toast for maximum awesomeness!

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