Springing into Spring

Lemon & Mint Broadbean Smash topped with an Egg

Lemon & Mint Broadbean Smash topped with an Egg

Today, we ate one of the most heart warming, and glorious fast-foods ever made with produce from our own humble garden. We made our own variation on Jamie Oliver’s home-grown broadbean smash on toast, with home-grown Meyer lemon juice & hand-picked mint, topped with an egg from our ladies. Delish! The broadbean patch almost appearing overnight from left over beans that dried and dropped in place from our patch last year, and the eggs were found in a bunch hidden under an echium/nettle patch in the girls run so it’s entirely an accidental lunch. For free!

2kgs of accidental Broad Beans!

2kgs of accidental Broad Beans!

Just last week, we clocked 2 whole years since we moved in. After taking a pic of our garden this morning, in full bloom with nasturtiums, cornflowers and alyssum planted alongside our cabbages, broccoli and herbs, it really feels like home. Not entirely finished, and probably way too much veg garden for us to handle alongside the behind-garage mini orchard and patches, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve ripped down a gorgeous but non-productive garden, hauled away hundreds of rocks (PS if you need garden rocks, come on down, we’ve got enough to last till rapture), dug up concrete, compost bins and even a soup ladle (!?), torn down pest trees and ivy and re-built everything from scratch and brought in loads of soil for our raised beds.

Floweries and Vegies, live together in perfect harmony

Floweries and Vegies, live together in perfect harmony

We can truly appreciate why some people have lawns- they’re seemingly easy. Mow, fertilize, weed, forget. But they are super boring and taste pretty horrid. Our remaining lawn patch even has the occasional broccoli or silverbeet seedling growing right smack bang in the middle of it! For the time it takes to mow our  ever-decreasing lawns, it takes that time threefold to weed, seed, feed and water our productive garden. However, for all the work involved in keeping a vegetable patch healthy & thriving, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Every meal we eat that we’ve helped grow seems not only to feed our appetites but also our souls. Hippy dippy stuff, I know but try it yourself & see that it’s true, its addictive, and awesome sauce. Plus it’s organic, fresher, tastier and the food miles are no more than 20 metres and we can burn the calories we’re about to scoff with more gardening! Win Win Win!

Our bees, fanning the hive & bringing back nectar

Our bees, fanning the hive & bringing back nectar

Our bees are thriving, and regularly hanging out in our garden, smooching flowers in our overgrown (to 8-9ft!) espaliered apple tree and veg patch. They also don’t really enjoy us coming right up to the hive, so we weed & take care of that area on dusk, when they’re all partied out. Next week, we start our bee-keeping course so stay tuned for some information, and possibly injury photos if we mess it up and get stung. Our families and friends are at once frightened and concerned about us keeping bees, but also shelving that thought to make way for the kgs of honey happiness that will be happening around April 2013. Did you know that bee’s spend their entire lives working to get 1/10th of a tsp of honey and most of the bees are workers, who are female! Go Ladies! Even if we get no honey, the joy we get from watching the bees forage around, communicate by dancing (!!!) and share their pollen/nectar feasts with the masses. Hooray for bees!

Happy Gardening!!


Food Glorious Food!

Since moving into our new home, we decided to get cracking ripping out the lovely old garden and putting in a new, more productive one! After much hard work, many trips to Bunnings, we are excited to have our first vegie patch in our new home up and running!

So far this summer, we have given away a few zucchinis, eggs, nectarines and had  still enough to add to most of our meals. We also took some of our produce down to the inaugural Belmont Food Swap and swapped our goods for some Lemons, Mizuna (yum!), and Rhubarb,  and bought some Borage Seedlings, Leek Seeds, and some Plum Syrup super cheap! We have also swapped vegies/eggs with our lovely neighbours over the back fence, and will hopefully be swapping tips on how to grow vegies as amazing as theirs! The concept of sharing and sense of community has been fantastic, especially talking to locals about the climate/seasons, hearing their stories, and seeing the excited faces on kids who have come to visit our chickens!

While we are in the process of tearing out trees and overgrown carpet roses & shrubs to make way for our new garden design, we are also madly trying to propagate seedlings for the next season- autumn/winter. More to come on seed raising later! We recently stained the existing trellis at the entrance of the ‘secret garden’ using Bio Natural Wood Oil which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, smells amazing and seeps into the wood to protect it from the elements- great stuff. Also at the entrance, we have placed two metal arches that were given to us (thanks Bel’s Mum & Dad) and have started to weave our grapevine/passionfruit/kiwifruit over  the structure, although with recent rains and heat- our wayward pumpkin is taking over. Next on the list- building a permanent gate to prevent our sneaky chickens Thelma & Louise, and Laverne & Shirley from escaping out of their pen!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to our Bloggy Blog about trying to be ‘green’ and eat organic goodness on our 904 m2 plot-o-land amongst our humble suburban home, Vegie Garden, Fruit Trees and Gallinas (Hens) !!

Backyard of our house

Our backyard in its original state

We have started this blog with a view to keep track of our ‘green’ garden makeover progress, as its harder to lose a blog post than a scrap of paper!   Oh yeah.. the ‘we’ part… consists of  husband and wife team- Bel & Craig, born in Country Victoria, moved to lovely Melbourne for work/Uni then moved back to Geelong to “live the quiet life” (to quote Rambo).

After hosting a rocking eco-friendly wedding (featured on Offbeat Bride), we decided to buy a house on a big block in a quiet court in The ‘burbs, as it was so excellently depicted in the movie of the same title starring Tom Hanks and Corey Feldman. Turns out its almost identical, people mowing their pristine yards every 2nd day, someone else’s dog crapping in our yard, except for no Klopeks or Feldmans as yet.

Our shed-side garden bed, after removal 100s of Agapanthus & Oleanders

We had barely walked up the drive before being greeted by our wonderful & friendly neighbours, and after cartwheeling through our new abode, we were met with a lovely letter and box of chocolates from the previous elderly owner who had built the house! Super nice! When we finally got to the backyard, we were so excited to have so much space to work with (including a water tank, gorgeous soil and a secret garden at the back of the shed!), and were greeted with much work to be done.  Overgrown Echiums covered in bees and 3-ft high stinging nettles, 100’s of Agapanthus (harder to dig up than Gary Buseys career), Geraniums, Ivy and Couch grass creeping 6 ft high amongst trees overhanging neighbouring properties were just some of the things we had to contend with.

Nonetheless, it was ours!

Within a week, we had hacked down the chaos in the secret garden and planted our first crop of pumpkins/zucchinis, tomatoes/eggplants and some basil. We also signed up to get a 1.5 kW solar panel system installed and within our first month, we had some cheeky Chickens at their new home.

We had also started a new compost heap, and dug up the previous owners compost bin so we now have two compost bins! Upon our first visit to turn the compost, a flipping huge redback made its presence aware, and from then onwards, our efforts of putting scraps in the compost bin looked like Muggsy Bogues making a 3 pointer shot.

More updates to come soon!