Summer in the suburbs

After a very bizarre bunch of weather patterns from severe storms to stinking heat, our garden has emerged from the dust with a few goodies for us during this summer! We have been regularly harvesting black beauty, yellow, rond de nice & crookneck zucchinis, squash, tomatoes, non-hearting and hearting lettuce.  We are also patiently watching 4 pumpkins take on some gnarly shapes in our back veg patch, and it’s been great to kick back with a beer in hand and watch our garden piranha stalk the backyard.

We have also discovered a few new pearls of wisdom:

Since we pulled out a few of the old overgrown trees- we found that our back fence needs replacing, so that’ll be the next project on the cards, after all the trees are torn down. Summer has also seen its fair share of lovely visitors help us christen our new digs, some amazing concerts and music festivals, alongside lots of colour bursting out around our garden with Marigolds, Alyssum and Sunflowers making an appearance. Also, after a few short months of feeding our 1000 worms their regular vegie-scrap frappe, our Worm Farm is finally becoming productive, producing a whole lotta worm juice for us on a weekly basis, which we add to our potted plants and veg to help them grow faster than Justin Bieber fans. We’ve added the second tier of our  RelnWorm Factory for our worms to move up into, so hopefully it won’t be long till we can raise our seedlings using some rich worm compost!

So now that our busy Summer is officially over, and Autumn is here, the next plantings on the cards for us include: more Broccoli Silverbeet & Pak Choy, Cabbage, Onion, Orach (Mountain Spinach) Carrot and Kale. Hope your patch is rocking this coming Autumn!


Food Glorious Food!

Since moving into our new home, we decided to get cracking ripping out the lovely old garden and putting in a new, more productive one! After much hard work, many trips to Bunnings, we are excited to have our first vegie patch in our new home up and running!

So far this summer, we have given away a few zucchinis, eggs, nectarines and had  still enough to add to most of our meals. We also took some of our produce down to the inaugural Belmont Food Swap and swapped our goods for some Lemons, Mizuna (yum!), and Rhubarb,  and bought some Borage Seedlings, Leek Seeds, and some Plum Syrup super cheap! We have also swapped vegies/eggs with our lovely neighbours over the back fence, and will hopefully be swapping tips on how to grow vegies as amazing as theirs! The concept of sharing and sense of community has been fantastic, especially talking to locals about the climate/seasons, hearing their stories, and seeing the excited faces on kids who have come to visit our chickens!

While we are in the process of tearing out trees and overgrown carpet roses & shrubs to make way for our new garden design, we are also madly trying to propagate seedlings for the next season- autumn/winter. More to come on seed raising later! We recently stained the existing trellis at the entrance of the ‘secret garden’ using Bio Natural Wood Oil which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, smells amazing and seeps into the wood to protect it from the elements- great stuff. Also at the entrance, we have placed two metal arches that were given to us (thanks Bel’s Mum & Dad) and have started to weave our grapevine/passionfruit/kiwifruit over  the structure, although with recent rains and heat- our wayward pumpkin is taking over. Next on the list- building a permanent gate to prevent our sneaky chickens Thelma & Louise, and Laverne & Shirley from escaping out of their pen!